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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists are licensed professionals who have extensive knowledge and training in anatomy, biomechanics and physiology of the human body. Our therapists will help you achieve relief of your pain and enable you to return to your normal activities of daily life through a hands-on approach along with the use of specific therapeutic modalities and procedures such as:

Pain Management: using moist heat, cryotherapy (ice), massage, muscle stimulation and ultrasound.

Therapeutic Exercise: customized programs specifically designed for your condition to restore pain-free movement. These exercises include strengthening, stabilizing and stretching of the affected areas to improve ranges of motion and proper muscle tone and balance.

Manual Therapy (Hands-On): consisting of the stretching of restricted areas, the strengthening of weak muscles, joint mobilization and manipulation and soft tissue massage to help restore the affected areas to a pain-free state.

Postural Correction: using postural exercise, self-awareness and behavior modification to correct musculoskeletal and balance disorders.

Home Management: a home exercise program designed to assist in the correction and maintenance of your condition.

Our physical therapists will do the following:
  • Perform a thorough consultation and examination to determine the extent of your condition.
  • Establish a diagnosis in order to determine the appropriate treatment program to resolve your condition as quickly as possible.
  • Provide a prognosis indicating the outcome to be expected.
  • Evaluate and modify your treatment plan as necessary to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Provide you with a prevention and wellness protocol to maintain results after your treatment program has reached maximum benefits.

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